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Marina Pez Vella Information


Marina pez vella

Marina Information

Marina Pez Vela will offer services rivaling those of any first-class, five-star marina resort. And there full-service marina facility, as the largest marina to date in Central America, will create a major destination for Pacific yachting and boating enthusiasts.

Marina Pez Vella will consist of 308 concrete floating dock slips constructed by Bellingham Marine and will accommodate boats up to 200 feet in length. Marina Pez Vella will have the only full-service repair facility, complete with a 75 and 200-ton Travel-lift in Costa Rica. As well as a fully staffed maintenance facility capable of any repairs or service required.

Also located on the site will be a Dry Stack system where boats up to 35' may be stored. High speed fuel pumps, pump out station and dockside concierge services also are included in Marina Pez Vella offerings.

Developers of Marina Pez Vella

Marina Pez Vela was conceived by Harold Lovelady, a sportfishing enthusiast and resident of Quepos, Costa Rica


General Information

How to get There

By Air: Regional
Sansa Air - Commercial
Nature Air - Commercial
Paradise Air - Private
Aerobell - Private
By Boat: International
Dockwise Yact Transport
Yachtpath Transport