This site is dedicated to locating Costa Rica marinas and marina slips for sale. Marinas have to already exist or currently under construction to be featured on this site.


Marina development in Costa Rica is controlled by the Inter-Institutional Commission for
Tourism Marinas
and Docking Facilities referred to as CIMAT. The right to operate a
marina in Costa Rica is regulated through a concession agreement and in accordance with
Law No. 7744 that was passed by the Legislative Assembly on December 19, 1997.
Marinas are located in a Restricted Zone, which is an area that runs 150 meters inland
from the waters edge at mean low tide. The law allows the government to grant leases
called “concession” in this area for periods ranging from five to twenty years. This
“Restricted Zone” is under the administration of the nearest Municipality with the
supervision of the Costa Rican Tourism Board (I.C.T.). Improvements constructed in this
zone will revert to the local municipality at the termination of the lease, unless the lease is
extended. It is our understanding the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica is
currently considering extending all marina concession agreements from 20 to 35 years;
however, a final decision has not been made this year.


Upon your initial entry into the country, you will receive a Temporary Permit for your boat, called the Certificado de Importación Temporal from the Ministry of Finance and Customs (in Spanish, Ministerio de Hacienda y Aduana). This permit is valid for three months and can be renewed for an additional three-month period. However, it must be renewed before it expires.

Once the permit has expired, you will need to leave the country, as Customs will not make any exceptions for renewal. Moreover, the permit can only be renewed by the person under whose name it was originally registered. You cannot designate an agent or a legal representative for the purposes of renewal on your behalf.

If you are planning to keep your boat in Costa Rica for more than six months, the only current means available is through a one or two-year slip rental contract. This process can be carried out by an agent, a lawyer or the boat owner.

Local law prohibits non-Costa Rican flagged boats from operating as commercial charters.
Please be aware that government authorities are very strict in this regard, and officials make regular inspections at the marinas.

Foreign vessels found chartering could be impounded.